Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Xin Luo: Appointments And Publications

Congratulations to Dr. Xin Luo, Marketing, Information, and Decision Sciences, on the following appointments and publications:

Editorial Appointments:
Associate Editor – Decision Science
Guest Editor – Decision Support Systems
Associate Editor – European Journal of Information Systems

Grant Appointment:
Invited Review Panelist – National Science Foundation

• “Does Team Climate Matter? An Empirical Study of the Impact of Coworker Influence and Confucian Work Ethic on Individual Deviance Behavior,” Information & Management, with Hanpeng Zhang and Liao Qinyu Liao
• “Automated Negotiation for E-commerce Decision Making: A Goal Deliberated Agent Architecture for Multi-Strategy Selection” Decision Support Systems, with Mukun Cao and Xudong Luo
• “Examining the Moderating Role of Sense of Virtual Community in Online Review Evaluation,” Information & Management, with Chuan Luo, Yun Xu, Merrill Warkentin, and Choonling Sia
• “A Holistic Understanding of Non-Users' Adoption of University Campus Wireless Network: An Empirical Investigation,” Computers in Human Behavior, with Qinyu Liao, Anil Gurung, and Weihua Shi
• "Factors Influencing E-Tax Filing Adoption Intention by Business Users in China," Electronic Government, with Qinyu Liao and Bingjia Shao
• “Explaining Consumer Satisfaction of Services: The Role of Innovativeness and Emotion in an Electronic Mediated Environment,” Decision Support Systems, with Hua Dai, Qinyu Liao, and Mukun Cao
• “Exploring the Effects of Organizational Justice, Personal Ethics, and Sanction on Internet Use Policy Compliance,” Information Systems Journal, with Han Li, Jie Zhang, and Rathindra Sarathy.