Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Business Plan Competition

L-R: Competition winners from Twist Resist and Silver Leaf Farms

The tenth annual Business Plan Competition was a rousing success! Twenty teams competed this year: ten in the Technology Ventures Track and ten in the Entrepreneurial Ventures Track. More than $100,000 in prizes were awarded to winning teams. Over 40 judges comprised of venture capitalists, angel investors, experienced entrepreneurs, and local business leaders participated, and more than 25 faculty and staff members assisted with the competition and awards banquet.

The winning team on the Technology Ventures Track was Twist Resist. Twist Resist is a patent pending rotational exercise machine which allows the user to target a number of areas of the muscular structure of the body previously difficult to target. The winning team on the Entrepreneurial Ventures Track was Silver Leaf Farms, a producer and distributor of premium quality hydroponic tomatoes and other vegetables for year-round sales to local high-end restaurants, grocers, and farmer's markets.

Dr. Sul Kassicieh, founder and chair of the competition, said, "As the UNM Business Plan Competition celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, we want to express our gratitude to the business community of New Mexico.  The supporters of the competition have donated over $1.5 million for this eco-system to thrive as well as many hours mentoring the teams, judging the competition and providing follow-on advice to the businesses that get started as a result.  To all of our supporters, we say 'thanks.'"