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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Message From Dean Brown


In academia, a “capstone” course provides an opportunity to review and synthesize learnings in that field. Being Dean at Anderson has been the capstone course to my career.  It brought to bear my previous experience in the local and national business community, experience in State Government, service in many non-profit enterprises, and volunteer service at UNM and other institutions.  Equally important as the experience has been the network of acquaintances that has accumulated.  It is remarkable how frequently simply knowing someone establishes a basis of trust and enables one to get things done.

No position has provided me more personal satisfaction and fulfillment.  The satisfaction comes from working with such a dedicated team of faculty and staff with unwavering support from our boards and members of the community.  The fulfillment comes from knowing we at Anderson are helping young lives grow and flourish.  Thank you all!

Publication Announcement

Professor Ryan Jacobson has recently had the following accepted for publication in Journal of Research on Adolescence:

Familism values, perspective taking, and prosocial moral reasoning: Predicting prosocial tendencies among Mexican American adolescents. (Knight, G. P., Carlo, G., Basilio, C. D., & Jacobson, R. P.)

The article uses a developmental perspective to investigate why Mexican Americans (adolescents and adults) tend to be more prosocial in number of ways than other ethnic groups. The authors found that familism values/practices (e.g., shared early childcaring) tend to encourage the development of perspective taking abilities--which in turn promote prosocial behavior.
Congratulations, Ryan!

Joint Paper Accepted For Publication

Department of Organizational Studies Chair Dr. Jacqueline Hood, Dr. Kathryn Jacobson, Dr. Harry Van Buren III.

Department of Organizational Studies Chair Jacqueline Hood and Professors Kathryn Jacobson and Harry Van Buren had a paper accepted for publication.

Their joint paper Beyond (but including) the CEO: Diffusing CSR in Organizations will be published in the journal Business and Society Review.

Harry has also had the following papers accepted:  Competitive Advantage Through Maintaining Legitimacy and Trust With Key Stakeholders: The Case of Chemicals in Consumer Products, in Business & Society (with Caroline Scruggs, School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico) and Global Business Norms and Islamic Views of Women’s Employment, in Business Ethics Quarterly (with Jawad Syed, University of Huddersfield). 

Congratulations to all!

Anderson Faculty Promotions and Recognition

The following Anderson School of Management Associate Professors have been promoted to the rank of Full Professor:  Rob DelCampo and Harry Van Buren, Department of Organizational Studies, and Steven Yourstone, Marketing, Information Systems, Information Assurance, & Operations Management.

The following Anderson School of Management Assistant Professors have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure:  Jack Su, Marketing, Information Systems, Information Assurance, & Operations Management; Raj Mahto, Finance, International, Technology, & Entrepreneurship; Karen Patterson, Department of Organizational Studies.

Assistant Professor Ryan Jacobson also received a positive acclamation in his T-3 review process.

Congratulations to all!

Anderson and AIBA Pitch In For Fire Relief

The Anderson School of Management served as a drop-off site for donations for those affected by the Assayii Lake Fire on the Navajo Nation.

The American Indian Business Association student organization, led by Jaye Francis, coordinated the effort and transported several truckloads of food, clothing, and personal necessities to Naschitti Chapter House, one of the command centers near the fire.  Moving stories of homes and livestock lost to the fire spurred the students to further spread the word of items needed for victims and evacuees.

Many thanks to those who gave so generously, and to Jaye and AIBA for launching and organizing the donation initiative.

Welcome New Student Employees

The Anderson School of Management is pleased to announce the arrival of Ryan Sishc and Bronwyn Schell, new student employees.

Student employees are valuable assets to the Anderson School, supporting staff, faculty, and students via a diverse number of tasks ranging from front desk customer service to document copying to guiding lost freshmen through the confusing first weeks of a new semester.

Ryan is an Education major, specializing in Secondary English education with a focus on literature. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and painting. Ryan anticipates graduating in 2016.

Bronwyn is a History/Archaeology major with an anticipated graduation date of 2015. She has participated in advanced Spanish fluency immersion programs in Mexico and Costa Rica. Bronwyn enjoys reading in her free time and is an avid hiker.

Welcome to Ryan and Bronwyn!

Staff Appreciation Month Book Exchange

As part of Staff Appreciation Month, the popular Book Exchange will be held on Tuesday, July 8, from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on the south, north and main campuses, held at the SUB, Lobo Ballrooms A&B, or North Campus, Domenici West, room 2112. Staff members have the opportunity to take as many items as you would like from our collection.

Donations can be left at the front desk of Anderson School of Management, second floor, west wing, or at the following locations:

South Campus - SSSC Front Desk.

North Campus - Cancer Research Facility Front Desk, College of Pharmacy Front Desk, Multi-Disciplinary Research Facility Suite 208, UNMH Ortho 2ACC Front Office, BMSB Common Area and BMSB Room 335.

Main Campus - Zimmerman Library South Entrance, University Advisement & Enrichment Center Lobby.