Tuesday, September 27, 2016

UNM Partners With Chinese Universities

Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai
UNM Anderson Dean Craig White and Professor Robert Luo recently completed a trip to China. They visited the Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, the Southern China University of Technology, and Dongguan University. They were invited by the Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (BITZ) to attend the "high-table dinner" in honor of the class of freshmen entering the new collaborative program between BITZ and the Anderson School of Management. The initial freshman cohort is 72 students. These students will study for three years at BITZ before completing their BITZ degree at Anderson in their fourth year. All of the classes at BITZ will be taught in English. They will also be coming to UNM to study English language and other classes during the summers. The students will then apply to Anderson's graduate program under the usual admission requirements.

Over time, there will likely be many chances to benefit from these relationships. The Pearl Delta area is one of the most important export/import locations in China. These schools are all strategically located in this area.