Monday, March 16, 2015

IBSG Receives $25,000 For Brazil Trip

Anderson School of Management is pleased to announce that New Mexico Secretary of Cultural Affairs Veronica Gonzales has contributed the student group International Business Students Global (IBSG) a gift of $25,000 to be used for its upcoming summer presentation in Brazil.

The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs will now be an official co-sponsor of a yearlong strategy to place New Mexico’s cultural economic development into a global context.  Delegates from IBSG along with faculty advisor Dr. Manuel Montoya will be traveling to Rio de Janiero in August to present an advertising campaign focusing on how global resources and ancestral and indigenous traditions respond to and leverage major events like the Olympics. IBSG is partnering with the London School of Economics and the U.S. Embassy and will be presenting the campaign to the Olympic Steering Committee.

“IBSG is emblematic of the work ethic at UNM,” Dr. Montoya said. “The students are hungry; they believe they can change the world, but do so with humility, sincerity, and devotion.”

Congratulations to IBSG and Dr. Montoya!