Monday, April 7, 2014

Anderson School of Management's 3-2 Program

Anderson School of Management has experienced strong success in recruiting non-Business students from across campus for the 3/2 Program.  With the help of the Student Services Staff, Anderson has identified over 8,500 current UNM students that qualify for the program (3.0 GPA, over 90 earned credit hours) and contacted all of these students and asked those interested to reach out for more information, resulting in a tremendous response, with approximately 500 students contacting us within one week.

In response to this surge of interest, the 3/2 application deadline has been extended to June 2nd and Anderson will be holding information sessions each Friday until the end of the semester. Students attending the information sessions will receive a waiver of application fee as an incentive to attend.

For more information, please contact Anderson's Advisement Center at 277-3290.