Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Professional Success Speaker Series

Delta Sigma Pi is hosting the first annual Professional Success Speaker Series.  Each seminar will feature information on the skills, tools, and vision necessary to insure your personal and professional success.

Thursdays, 7 - 8 p.m.
UNM Anderson, room #1017

September 26
Building Your Business Through Referral Marketing
Gayle Williams, Owner & Executive Director, Business Network International, will teach you networking skills to obtain potential customers, promote your business and build profitable relationships.

October 17
Developing Great Companies and Teams
Terri Giron-Gordon, President at GenQuest, Inc., and Author of “It takes Work to Be Happy,” a fun, innovative, and effective approach to creating and maintaining a happy and productive workplace through 7 key principals.

November 14
Being Young and Leading Change
Ian Anderson, President & Publisher, Albuquerque Business First, will discuss leading the transformation of Albuquerque Business First and his role in driving its strategy in an ever-evolving media landscape. He’ll speak on building a team of “A” players and changing the entire culture of an organization- and doing it as a millennial.

For more information contact Cameron Barnes, VP Professional Activities, at 505-280-7929 or camr.barnes@gmail.com.