Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nick Flor Chosen For Windows Development

An avatar of Dean Doug Brown created using Kinect.
Professor Nick V. Flor was selected as one of only 500 developers chosen worldwide to participate in Microsoft’s expanded  Kinect for Windows V2 developers program.  The Kinect combines a high-def camera, high-fidelity microphones, and proprietary software to sense the body movements, facial expressions, and sounds of up to 6 people simultaneously, and to create 3D virtual representations of actual environments. 

Dr. Flor will use the Kinect as part of his NSF-sponsored research, developing immersive apps and 3D virtual worlds aimed at educating the public on sustainable and renewable energy.  The Kinect V2 for Windows will be released to the general public sometime in Q4 2014. Dr. Flor invites members of the community to contact him regarding possible community research collaborations involving the use of the Kinect V2 in business and health.