Monday, February 24, 2014

Anderson Club Challenge

DECA winners Kimberly Eichel, Jesus Rodriguez, Sydney Sivils, Daniel Perry, Josh Dolin, Amy Lloyd from Fidelity Investments, and Tony Patton

The Anderson School of Management's Anderson Club Challenge, sponsored by Fidelity, was held Friday, February 21 in the Jackson Student Center.

The Club Challenge event showcased Anderson students and the diverse skills they have gained from their education at the Anderson School.  Teams had the opportunity to research an industry and then display how skillfully a solution can be crafted to real world problems/risks.

The winning team was Collegiate DECA, who won the first prize of $1000 with their concept of the "Mate" phone that applies user behaviors and habits to effectively improve day-to-day activity. Second prize winners ISBG presented an accreditation service to promote conflict free manufacturing and materials in cell phones.

Student clubs continue to play a pivotal role in University life and offer a host of experiential learning opportunities that help create, organize and implement everything from mixers to consulting projects to trips to national conferences.