Monday, February 10, 2014

A Message From Dean Brown

Business, all business. Traditionally, those terms mean proceeding with total objectivity, devoid of all personal consideration and devoid of passion.

Anderson is different. The personal touch is part of everything we do. Young professors are each assigned senior professors as mentors to help them with their teaching techniques. Similar assistance is provided on the research front. It is only a first step to have a good research proposal. The presentation must be carefully crafted to appeal to particular publishers. Then begins the cycle of revisions and re-submits. All of these steps can benefit greatly from guidance by senior faculty.
Personal connections are at the heart of many staff activities. Advisement and Career Services are all about serving the needs of students. These units at Anderson go well beyond passively waiting to serve students; they reach out to both students and employers. At Anderson, fundraising is all about cultivating engagement and friendship and events. Donations come from the heart.

The personal touch extends to Anderson faculty and staff working effectively with each other on important projects. I am especially grateful to Associate Dean Rob DelCampo and Faculty Chair Doug Thomas for their leadership in gaining faculty approval for a significant curriculum review, the culmination of a three-year process.

On an everyday basis, faculty and staff participate extensively in recruiting and screening new colleagues. Anderson’s faculty are conscientious in keeping office hours and being accessible to students – to the point that throughout UNM, Anderson’s professors are perennially rated as the best on campus.

At Anderson, doing business goes well beyond being all business.