Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Manuel Montoya Keynote Speaker At Undergraduate Commencement

Anderson School of Management's Dr. Manuel Montoya has been chosen as the keynote speaker for UNM's undergraduate commencement on Friday, Dec 11, 2015 at 06:00 pm in the WisePies Arena aka The Pit. The Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony is the campus-wide graduation ceremony for Bachelor's and Associate's degree candidates from all schools, colleges, and degree programs. Degree candidates will proceed across the stage and be recognized individually.

Dr. Montoya is a professor of global structures, an interdisciplinary scholar of globalization and the factors that produce a global political economy. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar. He is the CEO of his own global consulting firm, In Medias Res Consulting, which has provided support to global NGOs and INGOs including the United Nations and UNESCO. A native from Mora, New Mexico, he has returned to UNM because of his interest in New Mexico as a global emerging economy. He has taught a broad array of coursework from global culture and the history of economic thought to international management. His interdisciplinary training has positioned him to think critically about the circumstances that produce globalization and how nation-states interact with new global challenges.

His research focuses on the interdisciplinary origins of global culture and its impact on economic and management issues including work on human security, expeditionary and conflict economics, global culture as an intangible firm resource, expeditionary economics, global export analysis, international trade, emerging economies, and global economic sustainability. He is the faculty adviser of International Business Students Global, whose emphasis is on issues that shape the global agenda.

Congratulations to Manuel!