Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Credit Karma Campus Challenge

UNM Anderson is one of 20 schools throughout the country participating in the Credit Karma Campus Challenge.

The competition, sponsored by Credit Karma and hosted by EdVenture Partners, challenges students to create an integrated marketing campaign aimed at educating the target market on the value of understanding and managing credit through Credit Karma and its resources, and driving the target market to become members.
Undergraduate marketing students in the promotion management course at the Anderson School of Management have formed a student-run agency to develop and execute the campaign, using a $1,500 budget provided by Credit Karma. Participating campuses are competing for an all-expenses-paid trip to San Francisco at the end of the semester to present their research, plan and results to Credit Karma.
"Employers are increasingly interested in hiring graduates with real-world experience," said Associate Professor of Marketing Catherine Roster. "Participation in education-industry programs such as this one bridges the gap between the academic and professional environments for our students and will give them an edge in today's highly competitive job market."
The student campaign is focused on increasing awareness and consideration for Credit Karma among the target market, while differentiating Credit Karma from its competitors and industry incumbents by highlighting the pro-consumer benefits that the company offers. Credit Karma provides consumers with the free resources and information they need to take control of their financial health. Beginning with a free credit score and full credit report, Credit Karma brings more transparency and certainty to credit and finance with free monitoring, data-driven resources and personalized recommendations. Available online and on iOS and Android, Credit Karma is helping more than 30 million consumers better understand and optimize their credit and personal finances.

To join Credit Karma, which will track registrants generated by the UNM campaign, visit creditkarma.com/UNM. To learn more, follow the student campaign on Facebook and Twitter.