Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Message From Dean Brown


In academia, a “capstone” course provides an opportunity to review and synthesize learnings in that field. Being Dean at Anderson has been the capstone course to my career.  It brought to bear my previous experience in the local and national business community, experience in State Government, service in many non-profit enterprises, and volunteer service at UNM and other institutions.  Equally important as the experience has been the network of acquaintances that has accumulated.  It is remarkable how frequently simply knowing someone establishes a basis of trust and enables one to get things done.

No position has provided me more personal satisfaction and fulfillment.  The satisfaction comes from working with such a dedicated team of faculty and staff with unwavering support from our boards and members of the community.  The fulfillment comes from knowing we at Anderson are helping young lives grow and flourish.  Thank you all!