Monday, May 5, 2014

A Message From Dean Brown

A tribute to Anderson’s wonderful staff:  They are the ones who tirelessly support our academic efforts, logging in twice the office hours while earning half of the pay of their faculty colleagues. Whenever the hat is passed around for United Way or for a colleague’s retirement, staff members are always the most generous donors. When the call for volunteers is sounded, it is the staff who responds in force.

In performing their principal job duties is where the staff really shines. Thanks to their diligence and commitment, reports are accurate and submitted on time. Deborah Bower’s financial reporting is always timely and reliable. Darlene and Camille keep our records with quiet competence. Lisa McHale, Deirdre Holter and all the departmental administrative assistants take on a heavy burden and handle it well. Anderson’s event and alumni staff are the envy of the rest of the university, as are Advisement and Career Services, and Anderson’s IT department. Leslie Venzuela’s marketing and communications present Anderson in the best possible light. Audrey Arnold and her colleagues at Executive and Professional Education run a mini-university very well and on a shoestring. And none of us could function without Mary Cromer’s remarkable problem-solving.

To all staff:  Anderson owes you a great debt of gratitude.