Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Public Speaking Support

This semester, Melissa Parks will continue Anderson School of Management’s Public Speaking support. Melissa is a student in the Department of Communication and Journalism, where she is pursuing a Masters degree in Intercultural Communication and working as an instructor of Public Speaking. Throughout the coming semester, Melissa will provide Public Speaking support to ASM students, groups of students, and members of faculty and staff. Beneath the cut are some of the available resources.

(1)   In-Class Introduction to Public Speaking: By instructor invitation, Melissa is available to conduct 15-30 minute presentations during your class to introduce the art of Public Speaking. Melissa will address strategies for audience analysis, introducing and concluding a presentation, delivery methods, visual aids, and managing anxiety.

(2)   One-On-One Coaching for Students: Students or groups of students can meet with Melissa for presentation preparation, practice, organization, or advice.

(3)   Speakeasy Public Speaking Workshop: Melissa offers a 2-hour Public Speaking workshop to students, where a real-life speech is collaboratively constructed and presented in order to illustrate the presentation process. This takes place in a small group setting to better facilitate a project-based learning model, and dates will be released as they are scheduled.

(4)   Presentation Feedback: By instructor invitation, Melissa is available to sit-in on presentations as requested by instructors. The objective is to provide instructors and students feedback solely on the student’s presentation skills, not on the project content. Melissa provides instructors with a post-presentation positive/constructive feedback sheet that can be either given to or shared with the presenters, with the objective of helping students improve their overall Public Speaking skills.

Note: the in-class presentations, student coaching, Speakeasy workshop, and assessment services are available independent of one another throughout the semester.

These four resources are designed to help with students’ Public Speaking delivery, professionalism, confidence, and group-speaking cohesion. They are also intended to offer support to instructors with classroom objectives of improved presentational skills. Additionally, Melissa is available to collaborate with instructors on the development of assignments that include an oral component, and to assist with assessment procedures and rubric development for in-class presentations.

Melissa’s Contact Information:
ASM Office: 2069 Wednesdays and Fridays 10am-3pm or by appointment